LuvBug's latest single Best Is Yet To Come is available to pre-order on iTunes or listen on Spotify. Inspired by the sounds coming out of the European-dancefloors, “Best Is Yet To Come”, is a song that feels current, fresh and big. “It's a record that hits you immediately," says Marvin. “The vocal, the subject, the lyric, the beat, everything. It's infectious and it's a record that can be received universally.

Marvin formed LuvBug over three years ago when he realised his music career was moving in a different direction. "I knew I wanted to stay in the industry because I love it, but I also knew I didn't want to be a singer anymore," he recalls today. "I love working in the studio, I love hearing new music and I love DJing. At the time I'd started DJing regularly again and I was playing a lot of house music. So I decided to start a new project that involves all these things and I gave it the name LuvBug."

Initially Marvin was flanked by a pair of friends and songwriter-producers, JKAY and The White N3rd, but over time LuvBug has developed to become a collective led solely by Marvin. "I suppose I'm the one who makes LuvBug come alive," he explains. "I'm involved in writing the songs and I oversee everything from speaking to the record label, producers and vocalists to deciding which songs are going to be released. I also pick which remixes we want to do: we've already remixed big records like David Zowie's 'House Every Weekend', Karen Harding's 'Say Something' and Fleur East's 'Sax'. LuvBug is my baby and I pull all those different strings to make it work."

Inspired by Marvin's DJ residency at Pacha and Café Mambo in Ibiza, LuvBug's sound has developed too. "I can't wait for people to hear it because it's a definitely a departure from our existing sound. It's a leap forward," Marvin says excitedly. "I'm very proud of LuvBug's first two singles, 'Resonance' and 'Revive', because they're both great records. But 'Best Is Yet To Come' is on a bigger scale. It's a record that hits you immediately: the vocal, the subject, the lyric, the beat, everything. It's infectious and it's a record that can be received universally."


'Best Is Yet To Come' is a pretty apt title too, because LuvBug has been working on more new music with rising stars Becky Hill and MNEK, Jess Glynne's co-writer Jin Jin and even the legendary Craig David. In fact, Marvin played a part in Craig's current revival by introducing him to the producers of his comeback hit, 'When the Bassline Drops'.

"It's been a nice steady progression so far, which was always the plan, but this year is really about establishing LuvBug in a big way," Marvin says. "Last year we played at Wireless and V Festival and it was great, but this year we're going to playing at a lot more festivals. We've already got a loyal fan base who are hungry for new music, but now we're ready to take it to the next level."

But while LuvBug continues to open new doors for Marvin - last year he DJed with Diplo and David Guetta at one of Las Vegas's biggest clubs - in a way, it also brings him full circle. "My dad was a DJ and as a kid I can remember waking up early on Sunday morning and seeing him struggle to bring these massive speakers back into the house. When they used to DJ back in the day, they had to take all their equipment with them! When I was about 12 or 13, if my dad was DJing at a party, he'd let me play a set for an hour or so while people were arriving, just so I could get a feel for it. By the time I was 18; I was going out a lot and playing my own DJ sets. I’ve always loved it, but over the last three years I've really been able to focus on it again.”

Marvin says his dad is his biggest musical influence, but he's also inspired by superstar DJs like David Guetta, Avicii and Zedd. "Obviously LuvBug's not on that level yet, but that's definitely the aim," Marvin says. "It's the same premise: those guys are in the studio making tracks, they're working with great singers and songwriters, they're DJing around the world. The ultimate goal is for LuvBug to become a very successful commercial dance act." With all the building blocks in place and 'Best Is Yet To Come' ready to drop, it's surely about to happen.

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